2019 Easter Hunt


:tada: It’s that time again! :sparkles:
Monday 22nd April - that’s Easter Monday around 9 pm NSW/Vic/Qld time (7 pm WA) is the 6th annual MCAU Easter Egg Hunt. :hatching_chick::rabbit2::hatched_chick::egg:

For those new to server, anyone can come along. You don’t need to bring or do anything special. Donors won’t have any real advantage as compass will be disabled.

At the time of the hunt, a location (or locations) will be revealed and you warp there, and run around trying to find chests.

Chests will have random treasure in them. Most will have an egg or 2 (shiny blue or green type or perhaps a turtle egg). They may also have anything from an enchanted sword or a wither skull to a spiders eye or donator poo! Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky!

I will request that if you find 4 chests, you then sit it out for at least a daylight cycle in Minecraft to give other players a chance to find things.

Hope to see you then!