24 hour ban for asking Questions


I love MCAU, the community and the mods… mostly.
I will not appeal a 24 hour ban, predominantly because its quite possible I would say something that may actually warrant a ban after what just transpired.
I don’t need to cover what happened because anyone of any consequence could look through conversations and ascertain the events themselves.
I may, like many, poke fun and antagonize from time to time, it is never with any malice. In fact, from my background it is generally the opposite. I know people would argue here that others cannot always discern intention nor sarcasm etc, particularly online, but this is part of the beauty of social interaction. But I digress.
My purpose in writing this is to hopefully, if viewed by the right set of eyes, illuminate the need for the particular mod in question to be a little more level headed and rational in response to players, particularly of donator status, who have raised an issue with a mods actions. That is not to say that the player is always right, but that the mods should not immediately assume themselves to be right. I know some players cannot be reasoned with, but if all players with an issue relating to a mod are treated as unreasonable by default or association then there is no hope of legitimate issues being assessed in an impartial manner. This is how imbalances occur. If you go one step further and ban such players, you end up with an echo chamber. Perhaps a utopia for the mild mannered.
I know no one would have spoken up about my ban, firstly because I do occasionally ‘rock the boat’ in surely the most innocuous of ways, but secondly because they would fear being banned themselves for voicing an opinion.

Anyway, thanks for reading. If I don’t come back, I’ve had a really great time with you all my minecraft pals.


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