Advent calendar quest


A bit of fun for those playing in the lead-up to Christmas…a Minecraft advent calendar.

Each day from December 1st to 24th, I’ll set my dwarp at a new location (/dwarp thinker). There will be a few chests to find and in them will be some random goodies plus the clue for the day. Collect any 3 clues and give them to me - or send me a mail message mentioning 3 clues - and you will get a bonus prize.

The first location is already set and my dwarp will be reset each night sometime between 8 - 10pm NSW/Vic time. Some days it will just be a hunt, other days it might be a maze or puzzle to solve. It’s just something fun for those who are still playing on the 1.8 - 1.10 map.

Have fun and happy Christmas to you all

  • thinker :stuck_out_tongue: :evergreen_tree: :gift:


Damn, everyone always beats me to it, apart from day 1…

I’ll keep trying.


Thanks for keeping things fun. @thinker