Concerning the Banning of evil_r_mcdonald


Hello MCAU Mods,
I recently asked my friend, evil_r_mcdonald to come on MCAU, and he said he was banned for stealing a beacon. Before sending this request to you, I talked with him and he said that he and another friend were exploring a farm and there was a beacon there, which he didn’t take. Talking to people on the server, a message came up next to his name, which said thus “I took it by accident.” He has not been in contact with MCAU staff since his banning, and we are 100% sure that his account was not hacked into or otherwise tampered with. I hope we can solve this problem and I thank all who will be involved for their guidance with this issue.
EncodeDecode (aka. CodingChamp)


I know I probably shouldn’t be replying to this post, but I do believe the beacon he griefed was near /warp acejan, there is a massive farm behind that, that has about 2-3 beacons, from memory that’s what he griefed


Sorry, but that warp doesn’t exist, according to the server.


just find the warp for the Jan ace


Hi there.

I hate it when I accidentally destroy a beacon and the entire pyramid if iron and gold below it.


Well put AlloyShark I hate it when i do this too.


@AlloyShark is that the one at the farm behind the movie ace winner place?


I think he lied to you, but I do hope he makes an awesome video to get the ban lifted.


@Moltro No. I couldn’t see a beacon there


oh. thought I saw that once on logs there, must’ve been mistaken.


lol +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


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