Easter Egg (treasure) hunt


:boom: The 4th annual MCAU Easter Egg Hunt will be on Monday 17th April 2017 around 8:30pm NSW/Vic/Qld time (6:30pm WA).
Yes, its on Easter Monday this year and promises to be bigger and better than ever! :balloon:

I am busy organising a huge range of prizes :gift: for those who enter the hunt. However, since I do not have unlimited resources yet on this map, this year I am calling for DONATIONS to help run the event.

If you would like to donate, you can drop anything off at the hoppers at /dwarp thinker
[and BTW, that is where my “Flora & Fauna” shop is too!].

Already some generous players, including FarmboyJ, Ayiana, DerekSmalls, Trogloxene, MrFroon, Skopica and others have donated some wonderful gifts, so why not add something you think would be fun for people to search for.

Any questions, feel free to ask on here or contact me in-game. Hope to see many of you at the hunt! :smiley:


Can’t wait for it! =^)



For those wondering what this all means:
It is a treasure hunt. You run around and try to find hidden chests which have things in them. Some are “eggs” (eg. diamonds) but there are other goodies as well.

Most players should be able to find at least one, I think, but the best prizes will most likely be the hardest to find. If you find more than 4, I ask that you leave the area for a time and let others have a go.

Running, jumping, swimming, climbing and pressing a button or 2 might all be involved, but there is no need to take any potions or use any cheats. There is also nothing that requires you to risk death.

At the designated time I will tell everyone a location to go to. And then just go for it!


Sounds awesome. Can’t wait!


:tada: It’s on again! :sparkles:
Monday 2nd April around 8:30pm NSW/Vic/Qld time (6:30pm WA)* is the 5th annual MCAU Easter Egg Hunt. :hatching_chick::rabbit2::hatched_chick::egg:

Once again, I am organising prizes :gift: for those who enter the hunt. However, since I don’t have unlimited resources any DONATIONS would be much appreciated! You can drop them into the hopper at /shop 9

For those new to server, anyone can come along. At the designated time I will release the location and you just run around and try to find chests.

This year there will be a special competition for the more valuable prizes. Stay tuned for more !

Any questions, please feel free to ask here or catch me in-game most evenings! :sunglasses:

  • note: Daylight savings will be over by Monday 2nd April