Easter hunt 2018


:tada: It’s on again! :sparkles:
Monday 2nd April - that’s Easter Monday around 8:30pm NSW/Vic/Qld time (6:30pm WA)* is the 5th annual MCAU Easter Egg Hunt. :hatching_chick::rabbit2::hatched_chick::egg:

Once again, I am organising prizes :gift: for those who enter the hunt. However, since I don’t have unlimited resources any DONATIONS would be much appreciated! You can drop them into the hopper at /shop 9

For those new to server, anyone can come along. At the designated time I will release the location and you just run around and try to find chests.

This year there will be a special competition for the more valuable prizes. Stay tuned for more !

Any questions, please feel free to ask here or catch me in-game most evenings! :sunglasses:

note: Daylight savings will be over by Monday 2nd April


Sounds awesome, just like the other years and can’t wait to hopefully see all the players rolling in to have some fun. Can’t wait! :rofl:


Thanks to everyone (pictured) who came and joined in :grinning:

I hope everyone got a prize of some sort. If you missed out please let me know!