How to switch between 1.13 and 1.12.2 Clients


Although you can currently connect to the server using a 1.13 client, you will experience graphical glitches (chests/fences not connecting etc.)

Here’s how to easily switch between the old 1.12.2 client and the new 1.13 client until we have upgraded fully.

  • Go to Launch Options
  • Enable “Historical versions” and press OK
  • Select “Add new”
  • Name your new profile (optional)
  • Select “1.12.2” from the drop down arrow next to Version
  • Press “Save” and then go back to the News Tab.
  • There should now be a arrow next to the play Button
  • Press that and select your new profile for 1.12.2
  • Now press Play and enjoy.

Now you can easily switch between versions by pressing the arrow next to Play. :slight_smile: