Jailed with good reason then banned suddenly


A while back, maybe a month or so, I was being stupid in the chat and annoyed an admin. I was muted, then jailed for 2 hours. I came back to the server later, and it said I was banned for the reason “Unwanted troll”. I didn’t do anything wrong while in jail, I just waited it out. Is it a permaban, because I don’t recall doing anything very serious? Also, why was I banned while in jail doing absolutely nothing?


Because trolls sometimes only look out for the ban. You and you friend had multiple warnings leading to the jailing process, the ban was the real punishment.

I’ll remove the ban, but due to the nature of your chat leading up to the last ban, you’ll be on last chance watch. Behave and be a nice community member, and that may change after time.


Thanks. I’ll improve my behaviour next time.


I joined the server and for some reason I’m still in jail. I tried /spawn and everything, but it won’t work. Have I been unjailed?


You didn’t appear to be, but I’ve unjailed again just in case. Try again on next login (may require /spawn).


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