Long Term Service Leave


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to drop by to hang up my mop and thank everyone for such a wonderful experience over the years. My personal circumstances have undergone a radical change and I’m about to embark on an Australia-wide 4x4 trek!

I’d rather not do a JimTheMiller, and there’s always mobile broadband and Telstra Air points across Australia, so I’ll be sure to pop in and catch up every now and again.

So Tez and Self, here’s my mop - look after it for me or pass it on to the next J; whatever the ops and staff decide to do. I’m also cool with staff doing what ever’s necessary to my builds to keep them safe for other players.

Good luck and have fun everyone!


Sad to not see you on as much, but enjoy the trek! Looking forward to hearing the stories :).


Take care of yourself sir!