Mob grinders - help!


Hi guys, I’m new to the server (around a week now) but I’ve been lucky enough to find a really sweet setup of mob spawners which I wanted to make into a grinder for XP. Having read the rules, I see that they’re not allowed, though there’s a post (May '17) detailing a glitch in which the OP mentions a ‘semi AFK XP grinder’ and has been replied to, with no mention of removing the grinder.

So my question is, is the rule about mob grinders still in place? I’d love to be able to have an XP grinder of my own, considering that Mending is now a thing, but will understand if the answer is ‘no’. I have found a forum post from about a year and a half ago asking the same question, and the response was from the rules, ‘no water, no collection point’ etc, though I have no idea on how to make a grinder without those conditions.

Any suggestions on waterless grinders would be appreciated, thanks guys!



Hi, sorry no one has replied yet!
I am not staff but as far as I know the main point is you don’t want to be creating huge numbers of mobs in the one space as it lags the server.
There is however, a way of moving spawners on MCAU so it’s possible to set up a few spawners in an area to get xp.
If you try going to /shop 3 you will see what I mean.
Hope that helps as I don’t actually know much more than that.

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