New! MCAU caption competition


To celebrate the new look forums, I’m starting a little competition. But its not in-game! To enter, you need to reply to this forum thread* with a caption to the image below. Yes, just reply to this post with whatever you think the players in the pic might be saying / thinking.

I will be judging the best entry based on originality, relevance to MCAU and wit. So get your thinking caps on - I hope to see some interesting entries!

Prize for the first caption comp will be a full set of enchanted diamond armour plus maybe a fun surprise :sunglasses: Deadline is 9pm AEST, NOVEMBER 30th, 2015

I aim to post a new pic about once a month but it will depend on interest.

*I may also get this posted on MCAU’s Facebook group - in which case you can enter there too. The FB group is at - you’ll need to request to join if you’re not already a member


“Geez, Roboto thats the worst case of ass grapes i’ve ever seen!”


“10 Minutes into burning slimes and chill and Roboto gives you this look”


Lets play a game, a game that includes Roboto being a some sorta Chicken thing!!!

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“…and for my third wish, I wish you’d STOP SETTING MY PLACE ON FIRE!”


Thanks to the four of you who replied! :smile: You will all get a prize of some kind.

Frank Brown, is that your in-game name? If not, please let me know here or mail me (thinker) in-game.

I may post another picture soon - hopefully more of you will have a go at replying next time!


I am truly the only Lore on the server :stuck_out_tongue:


“I Don’t Wanna…”
*RobotoRaccoon bans The_Creator7399 for 23h 59m 59s, Reason: I don’t wanna!