Sentarius101 Ban Appeal


Hi All,

Recently (about 2-3 months ago) I was temp-banned for X-ray by AlloyShark. I didn’t dispute it, because I had better things to do and would probably get back on the server in that time :stuck_out_tongue: but, and I know you’ve probably heard it all before, was my brother.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday, I’m playing, helping out User kiaraanne with her not working underground villager breeder, and decide to get off. Later on, maybe close to 2(?) hours later, my account gets on again (on my computer, in case you were checking ip’s) and it’s my brother. I had strictly told him after last time !do not Xray again! it is ruining my reputation and got me banned!! and I guess he didn’t understand.

Well, anyway, I’m now permabanned from the server (I think). I know I don’t have solid proof except my account did get off then on again (my brother switched my vanilla version to Xray when he got on) and I was innocently helping players before that.

I hope that I can get the benefit of the doubt and get my ban time lowered to a temp-ban, or not banned at all. Even if the ban was for another 1-3 months, I’d be fine knowing I can get on this great server again :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for listening to my ban appeal!

(pls consider it)


Sentarius, speaking as a player, not a moderator, I can say that your account has been permabanned, not you your self. As such, I believe you deserve it for being so careless with your account. In the first instance, you should have changed your password to lock your brother out. That mistake has now cost you dearly.

X-Raying has to be one of the most despised forms of cheating on mcau and you simply don’t get a 2nd chance. I would be very surprised to learn that staff will even consider your appeal let alone agree to it.


This isn’t my best work, but anyway.

I had been on the road for many days and grown weary. Searching for a place to rest I rode into a small town on a particularly cold and stormy night.
There were no rooms available in the tavern, the barkeep suggested try the small monastery on the outskirts of town.
Cold and wet made my way to the monastery and knocked on the door, hoping to be heard over the monks that were chanting inside.

Soon enough an older monk with a long grey beard opened the door and motioned for me to come inside.
He lead me over to a fireplace with a large painting of a silver robotic figure above it, and told me I could rest and warm up.
We sat quietly for a while and eventually the old monk broke the silence and asked what I was doing out in such terrible weather.

The memories were still fresh, and not wanting to insult the monks hospitality, I opened up.
I spoke of how I had been searching for a new place to call home ever since my brother had betrayed me, despite my pleas not to, and how his misdeeds were blamed on me by the MCAU council and that they had ruled that I was never to return to their lands.

The monk who had been mostly silent up until this point stopped me. “There is a story from long ago.” he said.
"It tells of adventurers much like yourself, who were exiled from MCAU seemingly never to return, completing what is know as The Rainbow Challenge, and returning to the glorious land of MCAU."
I felt hope growing inside me, knowing that there was a chance to return to my old home.

I asked the old monk what I needed to do…

He handed me a book titled The Rainbow Challenge


Sentarius101 has chosen to do a cover of somewhere over the rainbow, and has been unbanned.
Here it is for you all to enjoy.