Why not vote for MCAU


I Stumbled across this, so i thought why not vote for us,

[Vote Here]

You get no benefits for voting for us, It’s just a nice gesture


I have seen the site for a while but was surprised that MCAU is somewhere on about 500th most popular server, I thought it would be much higher.

EDIT - it’s actually 3500 most popular ATM, wow…

Prolly need to make an account and vote.


Negative @ProfessorBunz you just use your username and do a " CAPTCHA "

Edit: link has been updated to direct you to the vote page

Votes: 8
Rank: 1351


Voted :3 :slight_smile:


Voted – twenty chars.


You can Vote Once a day. (I think)


Voted :smiley: :smile: